Our Specialties:
Shadow Boxes, Unique Custom Frames & More!

“High Tech” Custom Framing

Custom matting and frames create an extraordinary display.High tech custom framing thrives at Rousseau’s Fine Art Framing. Serving Novato, Marin County, and the San Francisco Bay Area since 1996, our shop is evolving with the times. We use computerized mat cutting to expand our creativity and improve accuracy and consistency.

Special, exotic designs and shapes with multiple layer mats are now possible as well as those 20 to 30 mat windows for the duck stamp collection. The imagination is the only limitation.

Yet nothing replaces the skilled craftsmanship of inking a French line, wrapping a fabric liner, re-finishing a frame, or the design talent of our staff. The computer widens our capabilities and complements many of our skills resulting in that uniquely designed look – just for your art.

Here are some of our custom framing specialties:
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“Shadow boxes

From boomerangs from Down Under to lariats from the Wild West, or simply your child’s first clothes and little rattle, shadow boxes present a wonderful array of memorabilia for daily viewing.  If you are not sure how to best display your items in a shadow box, don't worry!  Bring in the items you would like to display and we will suggest an attractive shadow box design that will become a treasured family heirloom!

Shadow box frames allow us to display almost any object.
African Carvings in Shadow Box
A large Shadow box frame with Christening Dress.
Display a Christening Dress in a Shadow Box
Medals would also be nice in a military retirement shadow box.
Preparing Medals for Display in a Shadow Box
The finished shadow box.
The Finished Shadow Box

Unique Frame Styles

We offer many unique and hard to find custom framing styles, and we have the expertise to help suggest framing styles and techniques to pefectly complement your treasured artwork. Here are a few of our unique custom framing styles:

Our unique frame styles include hand wrapped leather frames.
New!  Hand Wrapped Leather frames!
We have a huge selection of unique custom frames.
This is our wall of leather samples.
We have a huge selection of unique custom frames.
We have a great selection of Arts and Crafts period style frames

We have a huge selection of unique custom frames.
We have a large selection of closed corner, gilded frames, from 16th century to early 20th century, as well as contemporary styles.

Mirror with custom frame.
We can use stacked frames for that sohpisticated, unique look.
Shadow boxes are a great way to display military or career memorabilia.
Shadow Boxes are a great way to display
military or career memorabilia.
Unique hand painted framing detail Plexiglass display box framing military medals
Shadow box for medals

Custom Framed Mirrors

Unique custom framed mirrors are a speciality. Our mirrors are beautifully crafted to complement your furniture and accessories and are custom made to just the size you need. You can choose from hundreds of frame styles ranging from elegantly simple to dramatically ornate.

Needlework stretching/blocking

We offer stretching / blocking and custom framing for needlepoint. You have just spent many hours creating a beautiful needlepoint to commemorate that special event in the family. Now is the time to seek experienced framers to properly “block” the needlepoint in preparation for matting and framing, and to ensure that your needle art lasts forever.

Plexiglass boxes

Custom Plexiglass box frames create a unique display. Sometimes, you may want to see all sides of your football jersey with those team signatures just about everywhere or, the 3 dimensional aspect of your antique doll. An acrylic plexiglass box, which allows visibility on 3 sides or 4, can provide that special look.

Oversized frames

We can make custom frames in any size. Whether it is a 8” wide frame, or it is 8 feet by 12 feet in dimension, we have the experience and facilities to construct oversized frames for unusual artwork or large mirrors for those high ceiling walls in your home.

Quantity framing

When you have that honorary certificate for 30 or 100 participants that needs matting and framing, we are organized to easily handle that kind of special project.

If you are in Novato, Petaluma, San Rafael or elsewhere in Marin County
or the San Francisco Bay Area, please contact us so that we may tell you why
Rousseau’s Fine Art Framing
is the best choice to frame your treasured art work!  

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